COOIC (Characteristics Of Our Ideal Consultant)

In one of my previous blogs, I have stated what do we intend to do to take our organization to the next level. I would like to dedicate this blog to one of our consultants who has been demonstrating most of the traits even much earlier than I had published the blog. In fact, I would like to share his characteristics.

He joined us in the beginning and has demonstrated perfect learning curve with perfect attitude. He is truly pationate about the organization and constantly works towards making it a better. As they say – ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Let me summarize his actions that demonstrate how I think a true employee/consultant should be.

  • He has referred over 30+ candidates and has also interviewed few of them/has done background checks before referring them to me. He continues to refer more candidates without getting frustrated that none of his earlier references have been materialized so far! What an ideal way to demonstrate trust!
  • Every time I discuss a new feature to be added, he usually ends up developing it the same day and demonstrating it towards the end of day.
  • His passion towards the organization is contagious and seldom I have seldom¬†seen such dedication in other organizations.
  • Interestingly, he continues to look out for new customers as well. Recently, he called me up and asked if he can visit a new prospect, understand their pain areas and demonstrate our capabilities. Note that others would perhaps have opted to consider moonlighting additional assignments for monetary benefits unethically.
  • His hunger for learning is amazing. One of our recent customer was giving a tough time. When enquired if I can pitch in to help, he was quick to revert that he would like to learn how to manage difficult customers. Guess what, after couple of weeks, the customer called up to express that they were very contented with his expertise and work.
  • He has developed a set of critical features for a product that even the product organization hasn’t for years.

Off late, I have seen many employed people undertake additional work (although the agreement with their employers does not allow to do so). Many people do not hesitate to work for multiple organizations while being employed at one, mostly for additional income. I understand that it may be predominantly for the reason as their organizations may not be providing enough challenging assignments. That does not mean that employees can contribute towards other organizations. In fact, they can leverage that spare time (if they have) by contributing new features towards the product, getting additional business, doing pre-sales, spreading word about their organization or any other work that would help them and the organization grow.

The reason to highlight the above pointers is to share that in today’s world where there are plethora of opportunities, it has also become habitual to move on to different organizations who can offer fatter paycheques although the work may be mundane.

I get to see very few people, with the characteristics that I have mentioned above. I have tremendous respect towards such team members who do not just show a great maturity, but also a great trust  factor. This also makes me work harder to get them better assignments / projects and to keep their career path progressing on fast track. The joy and thrill of working with such folks is amazing.

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