Believe, Win, Laugh

Recently, I was called as a guest for an investiture ceremony at a  school. It was a good experience as I got to see the newly selected parliament members elected for their secondary school and felt great at heart to see how these young generations are turning into leaders. The children who welcomed and conducted the event were well trained and had practiced hard to carry out the function just like trained professionals.

The newly elected president had prepared her speech thoroughly and I must say that she did a splendid job in assuring all the students, parents and guests that she would bring out a good change in the system. They had running as well as opposition parties that were elected to run the school parliament.

One of the chief guests happened to be Alex Abraham who gave a short yet a powerful speech to convey the message to all the students. He motivated them by sharing 3 words that he thinks are important to achieve success – Believe, Win and Laugh. I understand that he has written books on them and I certainly intend to read them soon.

I think that this is a neat and simple way for all of us. He said that without believing, one would not be motivated to do anything. Any task, planning, activity that one would do, one does it because inherently, one believes it some some degree. Nobody would do anything if they didn’t believe in it. On the other hand, it is important for a person to believe in the goals/objectives before they plan it.

Similarly, winning in small sums up to big win. For example, getting up early is a win. Getting ready to school is a win. Discussing with teachers and gaining knowledge is a win. Developing good habits and ensuring best practices is a win. All these smaller wins help for a bigger win.

At the same time, enjoying the process is also equally important. Laughing with others, laughing at yourself while you plan, perform, contribute, execute helps you to make the journey better, less stressed and most importantly, keeps you grounded. Don’t we often take these simple things for granted? Let’s try out BWL philosophy. Shall we?

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