Sharpening the saw (focus)

One of the lessons that I have learnt few months ago is to keep evaluating the progress regularly. What I mean is that when the organization is young and small, it is evident to get involved in many activities and sometimes, that makes to lose the focus from a few critical activities like evaluating the progress more frequently.

We have been re-aligning with our vision (to be the most preferred ITSM/BSM partner for our customers) for past few months and I am glad that we have been able to come up with many creative solutions to contribute towards resolving pain areas of our customers. We constantly monitor on how the needs of customers are changing and most importantly, how they are evolving due to the changes in market. We seem to have laser focus on this and indeed have achieved a decent mastery on solutioning front.

We have always welcomed feedback and acted, where it has helped us to improve while not straying away from our vision. We are occasionally told by few prospects to consider providing the consultants in bulk. What essentially they intend to tell us is that a)they do not want to take the risk of hiring more people b)they want us to provide them expensive consultants at a very cheap price. What I do not agree is that they miss out to think of Win-Win result. Also, they tend to pat their backs assuming that they save few pennies to get inexperienced contractors only to realize it later that the cost would have been saved significantly if they would have hired few genuine consultants instead. Don’t get us wrong. It is not an attitude issue. Would Ferrari or Rolls Royce provide average cars for average price? We know that we don’t enjoy that kind of branding today; however, providing average quality service or less competent contractor does not just align with our philosophy. Sometimes, not doing what few are expecting, and which is not as per our vision, helps us to avoid getting distracted.

This has also led us to think on exploring other aspects. I am happy to share that we have not been late in acting on that. We have recently partnered with one of the best ITSM product organizations. We have already finalized in partnering with another French based ITSM product organization. We will also be partnering with another ITSM product org which is Bangalore based. While I think that partnering with such organizations would certainly help to mutually expand the horizons, we are already in discussions with another organization that has a great coverage in Middle East and APAC. This alignment will give us more exposure to bigger market while it will help our counterpart to save a significant cost by partnering with us.

And this is what I mean to sharpening our focus truly when I titled this blog. Am looking forward to share some of the lessons in next few blogs that I have learned when we went through rough patch, shortly. In fact, we have become more stronger in taking right decisions on time and strategizing the objectives. You’ll realize why I have started hating happy day scenarios as they seem to slow down the learning curve by putting us in a very comfort zone.Laughing By the way, when was the last time you had sharpened the saw?

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