Obsession achcha hai

Salman Khan is associated with ‘Being Human’. We are simply obsessed being “BITW”.

Every morning, when I plan for the milestones to be completed for that day, I tend to keep them at a level tad higher than the earlier ones.

2014 has passed by and I did a quick check on what milestones planned for the last year were ticked off. Guess what, not many of them! But that doesn’t mean that it was a failure. We have had set our goals pretty high. We have grown only stronger and wiser. We are nevertheless happy that we did learn important lessons on our way. In fact, because few goals/milestones were left incomplete in 2014, our stage for 2015 is set to be even better. Our commitment for being BITW (Best In The World) continues.

  • Every team member is turning into a brand ambassador for the organization, demonstrating more focus on contribution rather than just performance.
  • Every team member is now demonstrating a quick learning curve – we added 5 key ITSM products/technologies/solutions (ServiceNow, ManageEngine, iTop, ITRP and Wolken) to our consulting offerings in last year alone.
  • Our technical discussions have laser focus on architectural and design aspects than mere programming/development.
  • We brainstorm on doing value additions and non-compromising quality rather than just features.
  • We have gone very lean in terms of team size last year; however, that has also taught us the value of time and taking up meaningful activities only.
  • We have been able to find right set of partners for delivering few assignments that were out of our scope but yet, mattered to us from long term perspective.
  • We worked with mostly large customers barring a few assignments with smaller customers in 2014. We have strategized to work with select customers, who consider the long term benefits and treat us as partners rather than average vendors, regardless of size.
  • Geographically, we were able to expand our customer base to an extent. We shall be striving to get a decent market share in 2015 outside India, as we are not just obsessed being BII (Best In India) but BITW.

Oh, by the way, what are you obsessed being? Get obsessed, it keeps you on the track 🙂

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