When do you do Moon dance?

We recently implemented a complex CMDB integration for one of our Swiss customer. The COO called up and signed up for exploring strategic partnership. That moment to us, defines a happy moment to shake a leg.

We implemented a Helpdesk solution for a pharmaceutical customer. Today, its VP logs in for few mins every day into the system and gets the information PAN India on his finger-tips. He is so satisfied that he has offered to vouch us for any Helpdesk/ITSM implementation within and outside the organization. That, to us, is a proud moment to jig which is due a satisfied customer and an effective system implementation.

Our team implemented an extremely cost-effective ITSM solution for one of our IT customers; the founder reached out to us to extend it to BSM solution for them. However, his budget couldn’t be accommodated and we had to take a call to let go that implementation as we didn’t find the rates offered as justified. Nevertheless, he continues to be one of our contacts whenever new prospects/customers ask for references. These types of references make us to strive further to acquire such customers while not compromising on our core values and expertise to be exploited.  

Our journey with one of our major customers started with a small Helpdesk implementation. The manager, who evaluated our solution, was awarded for getting it implemented as per expectations. Within about 18 months, we were managing about 6 different Helpdesk/ITSM instances for this customer, with one of the complex instances producing close to 80k tickets per day. Another at least 4 more are to be implemented in next 3 months. The ROI of implementing the solutions to them was way higher than anticipated. Recently, that manager moved out of the organization. His lines when we contacted him to bid good bye, were, “I am moving out of this organization, not from eStomi. I will always take eStomi with me!”. Such compliments from our customer definitely makes us not just to be on the moon but dance on the moon.

Are you working towards your goal which will make you do your moon dance?

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