127 hour and 40 weeks

Have you watched Danny Boyle’s movie “127 hours”? It is based on a true story. While exploring a remote canyon in Utah, mountaineer and adventurer Aron Ralston (James Franco has played the lead role) becomes trapped when a boulder falls on his arm.

The movie has been beautifully shot at exotic locations and Danny has showcased the emotions that Aron must’ve had gone through that period neatly. Aron has been depicted as a fun loving person who is passionate about mountains and adventures. He goes on to meticulously plan his adventures. For him, canyons/mountains are his second home. However, the movie is about how he, when gets his hand trapped under a boulder, rescues himself. The moments how he survives for 127 hours over cold, hunger, thirst, fears etc. until he decides to cut his hand off to rescue himself are nail biting.

While watching, I was able to relate it to similar situation for over 40 weeks after we hired few folks because of which we had to face losses, over commitments, almost zero outputs/contributions and buying in time to complete assigned tasks only to realize that additional time was sought as the completion time neared. We tried to survive, by not losing patience and giving many opportunities to demonstrate contributions. However, when we realized that it wasn’t going anywhere, we had to take the same approach that Aron took – cut off the bad connections. We are glad that we did it as we are able to move on, build a great team and focus on our business exceeding customer expectations rather than getting dragged into discussions which weren’t reliable. It was all about identifying the bad connection, cutting it off and moving on.

Are you stuck under a ‘boulder’ and are wondering if you will be ever able to move on if you cannot remove your trapped hand? Think again !

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