How have you defined your SYSTEM?

I believe that an organization is defined by characteristics that it has developed, or on which it is based on. Every good organization has its own set of characteristics in place.

I came across a nice article by Devdutt Pattanaik in ET that provided a good insight on detailing how ancient organizations had defined Mantra, Tantra and Yantra.

Mantra works on mana or mind.

Tantra works on tana on body.

Yantra is technology or instrument.

As always, I explored to relate to characteristics we have developed or are applicable to eStomi and have tried to elaborate it in this blog. I am glad that I can simply summarize these 3 essential characteristics as SYSTEM. Yes, Strong Yantra, Skilled Tantra, Effective Mantra.

Let me start with Mantra as making up your mind is the first step to set up a goal/objective. We have clearly defined the goal for eStomi and are absolutely focused on it. This helps us to 1. Ensure that we don’t get distracted and 2. Draw attention as a single point of focus for all our prospects/customers towards Service Management consulting. I am glad that all our team members are attuned to it and are indeed getting exceptional exposure towards trends of service management.

By working on body (in this case, our personalities), we have fine-tuned ourselves as Service Management consultants. The journey is towards becoming respected world class consultants (Tantra) by working efficiently on Mantra. We clearly identify ourselves as consultants, which means, we do not just focus on programming but pay attention towards all other aspects like domain, value addition, design/architecture and roadmap/long term needs of the customer. Every team member is a walking forum (thanks to Santosh, my colleague, who suggested this phrase in one of our weekly meetings). We help our customers on implementing best practices and hand hold them to use the solutions more effectively, instead of simply walking out after deploying the tool.

Well, it is absolutely necessary that you keep sharpening your Mantra (mind/goals) and Tantra (skills) on Yantra (technology). We have expanded the horizon from 2 to 7 key ITSM tools. Few are in pipeline and indeed the learnings in this journey will be inputted to derive the world class solution. I will let the curtains rise when the time is appropriate 🙂

As you can see it, we have defined characteristics of our organization and we call it as SYSTEM. Have you defined SYSTEM for your team/organization? What do you call it?

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