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Knowledge and Wisdom of ITSM

We have mostly been flooded with implementation of ITSM inquiries. As we have made it very obvious to all, we provide consulting and implementations on ITSM and BSM projects/assignments only. Most of the customers are referred ones and we seldom use sales/marketing to get newer projects.

Although, the customers have gotten more demanding, markets have narrowed; it is interesting to still come across people who are very particular about the brands. And most of such lot is quality conscious.

We get approached by several prospects that have no clue on ITSM but intend to get that implemented just because someone has either talked about it or convinced about few basics on CMDB etc. There is another set, who intends to get ITSM implemented starting with Helpdesk as that has become primary requirement for them to automate or resolve process issues. Then there is a third category, who are kind of ITSM literate and know exactly what process is required for their business, what needs to be automated, what tools need to be used and most importantly who to get it implemented from.

If I would not be bragging about our quality services, I should share the fact that most of our customers approach us through reference! Yes. We spend very minimal budget on marketing and focus more on delivering quality services, doing value additions to our customers.

I can perhaps summarize the above as Knowledge is – knowing that by getting ITSM implemented, it improves productivity of the organization and helps reduce the cost. Interestingly, wisdom is getting it implemented from knowledgeable and established consultants, like eStomi 🙂

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