How truly multi-tenant your system is?

Many organizations that are providing support and services to multiple customers have started doubly ensuring these days that the Helpdesk/ITSM system in their organization is implemented using multi-tenant solution.

Well, when one tends to discuss ‘multi-tenant’ solution, as is usually referred by BMC customers and ‘domain separation’, as is usually referred by ServiceNow customers, we believe that details are not discussed to fullest extent.

For example, typically, from cost savings perspective, most multi-tenant systems get implemented as ONE system and multiple customers are on-boarded/configured such that this same ONE system is able to accommodate support and services tickets. Beyond this, seldom the implementation experts tend to think from administration and reporting perspective.

Like, is the multi-tenant system capable of allowing configurations customer-wise? For instance, if there are 5 large customers who are on-boarded onto a Helpdesk/ITSM system, is the capability provided such that they are able to configure core parameters like Priority, Severity, SLA differently etc restricted to that customer alone?

Similarly, does the system provide input filters and output reports to be reflected correctly to respective customer users? So far, we haven’t come across any such system that accommodates and makes it truly multi-tenant and I think that Helpdesk/ITSM product/solution vendors should offer such facilities if they treat and market their tools to be multi-tenant. Comments/criticisms etc are welcome if the readers think that they have come across multi-tenant systems offering such solutions already 🙂

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