Ambitious or ‘Just for the heck of it’?

I usually believe in outsourcing the skills which we need but do not have. We have outsourced Finance and hiring activities. We were talking with few HR agencies that had approached us to help. Some of them were started by people who hardly had 4 years of experience and didn’t come across someone who had enough experience meeting our requirements of niche skill sets. The ones that we called, appeared to have started on their own just because founding a company seems to sound glamorous these days. They neither seemed to have differentiating factors nor they were confident. Most of them backed out after they realized that they weren’t able to fulfill our resourcing requirements.

Recently, I was visiting customers and had taken a cab in Pune. The cab driver seemed smart compared to other ones that I had come across earlier. He was talkative and we started the conversation. He had learnt quick tricks of using mobile app in a way such that he need not share most of his commission with the App owner and yet he would get paid decently. He confided that he earned as much as 20k per day before getting his 25% deducted by app owner. After a while he almost shared his entire life story including how many girlfriends he has and who he intended to marry!

As we reached Shivajinagar, he saw a Jaguar XF in front of us. He got his looks fixed on it for a while and then asked me – “Sir, which car is this and what must be its cost?” I told that it may be in the range of 60-80. He confirmed if I meant it in Lakhs. He then asked “Can you ask the driver if I can pay him Rs. 2000 and drive it for 5 mins? He may not agree if I ask. But he will, if you do”. I was taken aback as well as amused by his question considering to what extent people are willing to go to either have fun or to make their dream a reality, even if it meant for just few moments. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big; however, there is a difference being genuinely ambitious and doing it just for the heck of it. Which category do you belong to?

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