The eStomi approach to IT Service Management ( ITSM)

It is of no surprise that each and every software company today is fundamentally becoming a service company. In this major transformation and transition to a services dominated world , IT is placed right at the center but it comes along with some challenges that IT teams have to face . In here comes the role of organizations like eStomi which expertise in various world-class ITSM and BSM tools helping to suggest or recommend the most optimal solution to meet  particular business requirements.

We’re all familiar with the stories of the amazing digital services transformation that have occurred with companies like Amazon, Google and Airbnb.  But we’re also seeing a major transition for traditional businesses like Macy’s, Marriott and ING, just to name a few.  Digital services is a critical aspect of the services they deliver to their customers and they’ve had to evolve very quickly in the way they go-to-market at the risk of becoming obsolete. This shows what digital landscape means to business and how the IT teams are responsible for delivering these services. In order to be successful, every IT team today is focused on the application and digital services they deliver to their customers

At eStomi, we think of ITSM as the optimization of service delivery to provide value to customers in the form of services. When most organizations think of a “service desk tool”, they picture incidents and service requests only. Instead, eStomi approaches ITSM based on the needs of the project and making it easy for IT Teams collaborate in real-time. With this project-based approach, organizations have a single solution where teams can work on the type of issues they care about with their own workflows, data schemas, screens, SLAs, and reports while giving end-to-end visibility to IT management. Using best practices, eStomi intends to reduce your costs, enhance productivity, help your leadership to plan, take decisions and evaluate budgets better. It provides a platform where multiple world class ITSM tools like SERVICENOW, OTRS, MANAGEENGINE AND ITRP etc are all available under one roof .

In the midst of all these changes and transformations, the base definition of ITSM persists but service management staff will need to become relationship managers. The new team must understand the end-to-end needs of their internal and external partners, proactively lead their organizations through the entire lifecycle of product and project development that leverage capabilities and economies of these new and future technologies and, most importantly, become the leaders and agents of change.

So the question that now needs to be asked is are you looking for an optimal ITSM solution? Then eStomi is the answer to your business needs and requirements.

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