Archived Blogs 2017

May 2, 2017

Archived Blogs will help you search specific blog month and year wise. Hope you get to read some real good blogs wherein we have attempted to share our experience. Your feedback will be certainly appreciated as well.

Surviving the second wave of Digital Transformation

This blog throws light on digital transformation in terms of strategy, planning, marketing, humanizing element of business aspects… 

Why ITSM is important for your business

This blog discusses more about ITSM in terms of users, services, quality, cost, business, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs…. 

The eStomi approach to IT Service Management ( ITSM)

This blog throws light on eStomi’s approach on ITSM, its various tools like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, OTRS, ManageEngine that it uses.

Overcoming hurdles and turning innovation into reality

Most of the businesses face hurdles and issues. The idea is how do we turn them and innovation into reality. This blog attempts to throw some light. Read to know more…

All about IT Consulting that one should know

This blog is more about IT consulting and what one should know. There are different expectations and experiences shared here. Read to know more…

Ambitious or ‘just for the heck of it’?

These days, experimenting or exploring is the new craze. Gone or the days when people used to think several times before taking a plunge in splurging money. Have we grown ambitious or do we do just for the heck of it? Check out this small blog based on our experience…