June 19, 2016

eStomi has initiated DevOps consulting and have partnered with Clarive for US, Europe and India regions, to meet the customer needs in this and automation regards. Clarive Software is a strong new partner helping a growing number of customers achieve DevOps success. Founded in 2010, the company is head-quartered in Spain and today has offices to assist customers in the US, Brazil, and Belgium.

Why switch to Clarive?

Using Clarive, we focus on solving your problems to help you deliver applications in a lean, repeatable, and quality way with confidence. Some of its core capabilities include:

  • Pragmatic ALM: ALM powered by a powerful, flexible yet pragmatic workflow engine and form designer.
  • Release and Deployment Management: from release and environment planning, to design and execution, and coordination of cross platform deployment and rollback rules at the required level of granularity using a unique domain specific language.
  • Hyper integrability: While Clarive is capable to pragmatically support all of your ALM and DevOps related processes, it can also flexibly “glue” around any of your existing ALM related point products which you would like to retain by bi-directionally interfacing with them.
  • Support for robust, distributed, highly secure and flexible change and configuration management which can handle any level of complexity, regardless of location, platform, or development methodology used, based on git.

eStomi leverages Clarive approach for Lean Application & Service Delivery to enable Lean ITSM as below:



Key Challenges



As a Clarive partner, we suggest its Best Practices in Lean ITSM:

  • Automate those activities in the process chain that can be automated.
  • Ensure transparency, insight, and stakeholder communication in the end-to-end process, establish tight feedback loops.
  • Establish an Application & Service Delivery platform that is hyper flexible to embrace innovation/change and supports transition.
  • Think more in terms of risk model rather than compliance.
  • Focus on managing the constraints on the end-to-end process.
  • Ensure you also manage the non- production Environments. Ensure delivery process is part of the QA cycle.
  • Look into managing Infrastructure and configuration as Code.
  • Look at ways to shift rework earlier.

For more information on service details, contact [email protected]