Frequently Asked Questions

July 4, 2016

This section offers answers to frequently asked questions for few prospects and customers.

Q: What services does eStomi offer?

A: eStomi offers implementation and consulting services explicitly on Helpdesk, ITSM, BSM and DevOps. Our team leverages world-class tools like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, ManageEngine, OTRS, iTop, ITRP, Wolken and Clarive as a part of service offerings. eStomi’s best practices enable you to:

  • Reduce your IT costs
  • Enhance your team’s productivity using diagnostic benchmarks
  • Leverage ServiceDesk as business
  • Benchmark your performance v/s. other companies inside and outside of your industry
  • Track and trend your organization’s performance
  • Drive accountability for key personnel using metrics-based performance goals
  • Demonstrate measurable performance improvement over time

Q: What geographies and vertical markets does eStomi cover?

A: eStomi offers implementation and consulting services for all geographic regions of the world, and for all major vertical markets including Telecom, IT, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Hospitality, Energy Utilities, Retail and Commercial banking, Heavy Manufacturing and many more. Visit About us page for more details.

Q: What if I don’t see the Helpdesk/ITSM tool that I want on eStomi’s website?

A: eStomi has partnered with major Helpdesk and ITSM product vendors BMC, OTRS, ITRP etc. Nevertheless, it has team that is highly specialized in ITSM and BSM in general, and can take up implementations in other ITSM technologies as well. If you do not see the Helpdesk/ITSM product you need implementation or consulting services on, please contact eStomi at [email protected], and our team can reach out to help you out further..

Q: What services do you offer in implementation and consulting?

A: We take up implementations based on business requirements and that can cater to mostly green-field implementations or customizations of Helpdesk, ITSM or BSM. It usually comprises of design, architecture, development, hardware scoping, configuration, development, implementation, testing, UAT (User Acceptance Test) and Go Live.

The consulting assignments may differ and vary. It may cater to upgrading a complex ITSM instance that has several integrations using different technologies. It may comprise of migrating a legacy or non-ITSM application to an ITSM compliant solution. We have also undertaken consulting for integrating ITSM solution with other homegrown or COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products or even migrating a licensed ITSM tool to an Open Source solution.

Q: How can I engage eStomi for consulting of Helpdesk or ITSM for my organization?

A: You can share your business needs or contact eStomi at [email protected] to discuss your unique business needs.

Q: Does eStomi help in benchmarking data?

A: Yes. eStomi can generate critical metrics as required by your organization and generate benchmarking data. It can also leverage MetricNet and help compare it with industry standard in the similar domain/geography etc.

Q: Can eStomi help in customizing our existing Helpdesk/ITSM products?

A: Yes, many of the customers that approach us have commercial Helpdesk/ITSM products implemented. However, they reach out to us for superior services/consulting and customizing it more effectively and efficiently.

Q: What are the advantages of getting consulting or implementations done by eStomi?

A: The consultants at eStomi have significant experience in consulting and implementing Helpdesk and ITSM solutions world-wide, with customers in different domains. Currently, over 1.2 million tickets get generated, over .2 million end users use our solutions, over 2K Support Desk agents are engaged while over 10K assets get monitored every day.

Through several years of consulting experience, eStomi has perfected its approach and best practices. eStomi’s founder, Chetan Nagaonkar, has formed and led R&D division of ITSM at BMC, India. He is India’s first OTRS ITSM Practitioner and works relentlessly in helping customers, along with his team members in implementing optimal ITSM solutions. He continues to write several prominent blogs sharing his customer experience and, on ITSM in general.

Q: Does eStomi have any success stories that demonstrates its expertise in Helpdesk/ITSM?

A: eStomi’s website contains a number of customer success stories and sample screens on trendy features/consulting. These details are provided to educate customers and help to get insights of value-additions that eStomi team does.