OTRS Value additions

July 8, 2016

eStomi offers several OTRS value additions in terms of features and best practices, which is usually not available in community editions. Below table gives you glimpse of value added features –

Community Edition
Limited Feature Add-ons
User-interface is not very user friendly
SLA can be configured only for queue OR service which is rarely used
No assets are listed for requester while logging an incident
Incident, Problem and RfC have the same fields while creating requests
Templates to create specific incidents are not available
No tight integration with Knowledge base
No encryption of database
Bulk option is not available on dashboard
Limited graphs option on dashboard
Manual copying of solution into Knowledge base, while closing incidents
eStomi's cost effective features
Cost effective customized features
Improvised and COTS-like user-interface
SLA configurable for Priority, Category, Subcategory
Ability for requester to select his assets while logging a ticket
Relevant fields made available in respective Incident, Problem, Service and Change requests
Dynamic Templates are made available to help requesters
Auto-populating of Knowledge articles
Encoded and encrypted database
Bulk option is made available on dashboard
Value added graphs and trends on dashboard
Option of automatically copying the solutions into Knowledge base while closing incidents

eStomi also has designed and deployed key solutions while implementing OTRS at various customer based. Below comparison matrix helps to understand you eStomi’s capability –

Community Edition
No Chat module
No asset inventory integration
Reporting module with limited features
Missing assignment automation
Incomplete approval mechanism
Limited multi-tenancy
eStomi's Key Solutions
Web based chat (no installation required)
Real time Asset Inventory integration
Professional and flexible Reporting module
Assignment Engine to define workflows
Configurable Approvals in Change Mgmt
Multi-tenancy extended to CMDB and reports