The eStomi approach to IT Service Management ( ITSM)

It is of no surprise that each and every software company today is fundamentally becoming a service company. In this major transformation and transition to a services dominated world , IT is placed right at the center but it comes along with some challenges that IT teams have to face . In here comes the[…]

Blog of the month

Knowledge and Wisdom of ITSM We have mostly been flooded with implementation of ITSM inquiries. As we have made it very obvious to all, we provide consulting and implementations on ITSM and BSM projects/assignments only. Most of the customers are referred ones and we seldom use sales/marketing to get newer projects. Although, the customers have[…]

The Paradox

According to a survey, less than 5% of all Information Technology spending is allocated to end-user support. Interestingly, support drives customer satisfaction for ALL of Information Technology. According to MetricNet, 84% people surveyed believe that Service Desk is most important for customer satisfaction! Isn’t it strange? The above details that I’ve talked are about IT; however,[…]

RIP ‘traditional’ ITSM

As I read the funny quote, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”, I couldn’t stop thinking about how ITSM (IT Service Management) market segment has evolved. It started as a tool to log or track issues and then gradually grew as Helpdesk (both Incident & Problem Management) only to accommodate Change, CMDB, Asset,[…]

All that glitters is gold :-)

In today’s world, it is not just about what glitters, it is rather what one can make truly glitter. Many of the startups seem to innovate and creativity seems to have flourished all over the world. Newbies seem to have charged up to do something different (definition of “different/disruptive” also seems to have changed though)[…]